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Spring Back with Lobs & Balayage

Spring is in the air, which means we are antsy for sunshine and a fresh look to break out with the warm weather.

Let’s talk color, cut and style! My favorite trends right now are the lob haircut and my staple trend balayage.

Balayage! That thing on Pinterest that everyone has but no one knows how to pronounce.

Balayage is a french highlighting technique where your hairstylist hand paints highlights into the hair. Unlike your traditional sectioned cookie cutter foils, this technique is all free hand. Which leaves hair looking flawless and fabulous with low maintenance and no harsh regrowth lines. Balayage creates a soft, blended and natural look that can be done in any hair color, from blondes to brunettes, even pastels and bold pops of color.

Want to go even BOLDER?! Chop, Chop

The “Lob” Cut, aka long bob is a perfect haircut for someone looking for a change that’s not too short, low maintenance and easy to style.

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